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     Homemade 9 - Grain Bread
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Homemade 9 - Grain Bread
    Price may be subject to change. Homemade 9 grain bread is full of nutrients, and boasts with flavour! This bread consists of wheat flakes, rye meal, sunflower seeds, corn flakes, oat flakes, soya grits, barley flakes, and millet. We use this bread in our Cafe on a sandwich of your choice. ..
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Asiago Cracked Pepper Bread
    With a crisp outer crust, and light peppery taste, who can resist this artisan bread made with simple, natural ingredients?  Comes unsliced.450g. ..
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Austrian Roggen Brot (Half)
    A true European rye bread, crafted with old-world traditional methods. A dense and hearty texture delivers a unique tasting bread. Comes sliced.500g...
    Model: Bread - All Grain Sliced
    Bread - All Grain Sliced..
    Model: Bread - Belgian White
    Bread - Belgian White..
    Model: Bread - Potato Scallion
    Bread - Potato Scallion..
    Model: Bread - Prebiotic Dimpflmeier
    Bread - Prebiotic Dimpflmeier..
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Bread Crumbs
    Bread Crumbs by Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc.600g.  ..
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Cheese Bread
    Loaded with fresh Ontario cheddar cheese inside the dough, and crispy cheese baked on the outside for a satisfying taste.650g...
    County Sourdough Bread
    Bestseller Pre-Order
    Vendor: Elora Bread Trading Co. Model: County Bread
    Our County Sourdough Bread is baking and delivered Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  When pre-ordering please place your order 2 days before delivery. -- Freshly Baked & Available for Delivery Thursday to Saturday.Elora Bread is a small-batch artisan bakery that focuses on tr..
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Dark Rye Bread
    A robust rye bread made from quality ingredients including our own natural sourdough.  Comes sliced.650g...
    Vendor: Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc. Model: Eastern Rye Bread
    A traditional Eastern European rye bread with lots of sourdough and a hint of sweetness from molasses. Comes sliced.650g...
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