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    Whole Turkeys

    Vendor: Fraberts Fresh Food Model: Boneless Turkey Breast
    Boneless turkey breast (uncooked) for your holiday dinner. Approx 5-6 lbs. $15.99/lb. Serves 4-5 people...
    Vendor: Fraberts Fresh Food Model: Fresh Turkey - Uncooked
    Fresh, local turkeys $4.99/lb. We recommend approximately 1lb per person, adjust this based on your guest’s appetites! We cannot guarantee the size as we can only work with what we receive, so we recommend ordering larger rather than smaller as we would prefer you have leftovers rather than ..
    Vendor: Snyder Heritage Farms Model: Half Turkey
    Snyder Heritage Farms half turkey. Size range is 8-10lbs. Turkey is uncooked. Price is $3.45/lb..
    Vendor: Fraberts Fresh Food Model: Fresh Turkey - Roasted
    Roasted Turkey for 12 adults. Fully roasted turkey, taken apart and ready to re-heat in a foil pan with turkey stock (NOT pre-sliced to avoid drying out) – 15-18 lb – serves 12 generously. ..
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