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    Model: 42 Trees Olive Oil
    RALO 500ml 42 Trees Olive Oil. Medium Blend, Smooth, Mild Fruit Notes, Medium Pepper Finish. Product of Greece..
    Model: Balsamic Vinegar
    RALO 200ml Balsamic Vinegar aged 4-6 years. Great for salad dressings and marinades. Product of Greece..
    Vendor: GR365N Model: Basil
    Our Basil is a mixture of both Genovese and Mammoth and have a robust flavour. A terrific addition to compliment your authentic cuisine ideas including soups, meat preparation, salads and pesto ideas. Sold in a 1 oz package. ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Cinnamon Honey Butter
    300 g. Cinnamon Honey Butter is delicious spread on toast! Naturally sweeten your day! ..
    Vendor: Kitchen Kuttings Cafe Inc. Model: Garlic and Dill Sauer Kraut
    Our Sauer Kraut is unpasteurised, and has no additives or preservatives. Only wholesome ingredients of cabbage, salt, garlic and dill. ..
    Model: Gigantic Olives
    250 grams of Organically grown Gigantic Green Olives from Greece Contains: Olives with pits, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Vinegar, Florina Red Peppers, Cumin Powder, Oregano, Orange Zest, Celery, Spices..
    Vendor: Snyder Heritage Farms Model: Granulated Maple Sugar
    Snyder Heritage Farms - Granulated Maple SugarSelect your size. Available in 75g, 150g, 300g, or 454g..
    Model: Ionian Olive Oil
    RALO 500 ml Organic Ionian Olive Oil. Strong full intensity flavour, with grassy herbs, leafy greens. Product of Greece..
    Model: Koroni Olive Oil
    Koroni 500ml Organic Olive Oil. Stronger flavour, with olive fruitiness, pungent notes, and peppery finish. Product of Greece..
    Model: Manaki Olives
    250grams of Organically grown Manaki Olives from Greece. Contains: Olives with pits, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Vinegar..
    Vendor: Snyder Heritage Farms Model: Maple Syrup - Amber
    We are a 5th generation farm, producing Maple Syrup for over 100 years. In our efforts to provide you with the best possible product, we are continually improving our equipment when new technology becomes available. Kevin has completed courses with the Environmental Farm Plan, Food Safety and Tracea..
    Model: Natural Chia Seeds
    Approx. 3/4 lb. package. Chia seeds are an ancient superfood … This concentrated protein source is also rich in fiber, helping keep the body full and energized for hours. Chia seeds are easy to add to any diet and can be used to make puddings, added to baked goods, or sprinkled on cereal or savory ..
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