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BaieRun Atlantic Sea Kelp

Atlantic Sea Kelp is naturally sourced from the clean waters of Atlantic Canada. Our sea kelp is a w..


Activated Charcoal (90 capsules)

Activated Charcoal in its homeopathic form is your stomachs best friend. BENEFITS: Vegetab..


Apawthecary Pets Dog Treats 200gm / 3mg CBD

Apawthecary treats are wellness treats infused with a proprietary blend of plant based oils and terp..


Apawthecary Pets Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Apawthecary Pets CBD Oil: Full spectrum CBD oil in an organic, C02 extracted MCT oil base (fractiona..


BaieRun - Diatomaceous Earth Food grade for pets

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) is an odourless non-staining powder made of fossilized aquatic microorganism..


BaieRun CanineOmega3

Daily omega-3 oil supplements are one easy way to help take care of your dog's health. CanineOme..


BaieRun Turmeric+

Turmeric is a small orange root full of powerful antioxidants. It is an important healing herb in Ay..


BCR Thrive Pumpkin Powder

BCR Thrive Pumpkin Powder is used to treat common canine and feline digestive upset including loose ..


Big Country - Raw Pork Organ Blend 1lb In Stock

Big Country - Raw Pork Organ Blend 1lb

A side dish for dogs and cats that could use more organ meat in their diet.  May be used to hel..


Big Country - Raw Sardines 1lb In Stock

Big Country - Raw Sardines 1lb

Frozen Canadian wild caught raw sardines are a great source of Omega-3’s and Vitamin D...


Bilberry Extract (60 capsules)

Potent source of antioxidant. 60mg | 60 capsules BENEFITS:Source of antioxidants that redu..


Bio-Groom Ear Powder

Bio-Groom Ear Powder Help keep ears dry and reduce odor with this excellent ear powder. Ear Fre..


BiologicVET BioFATS Essential Fats

BiologicVET BioFATS Essential Fats is a comprehensive, essential fatty acid source for cats and dogs..


Black Sheep - Lemongrass/Mint Off-Leash Spray (118ml)

This freshly scented spray pairs perfectly with our Lemongrass & Mint Shampoo for worry free, of..


Black Sheep Organics Rosemary & Niaouli Organic Ear Wash

Black Sheep Organics Rosemary & Niaouli Organic Ear Wash is an organic, gentle, anti-fungal ear ..