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    An assortment of our Buttermilk Bran, Seasonal Fruit, & Specialty muffins.  (V & GF not included)Baked to order for maximum freshness...
    An assortment of our delicious low calorie/low fat baked goods including muffins, scones, seasonal loaf, and other items.Small: 27 pieces, serves 6-8Large: 46 pieces, serves 10-12Baked to order for maximum freshness...
    From an old family recipe! Made using low fat buttermilk, all bran, dates, and raisins.Baked to order for maximum freshness...
    Made with flax seed, ground almonds, bananas, apple sauce, rolled oats, maple syrup, and topped with crushed walnuts.Baked to order for maximum freshness...
    Gluten free. Made with organic quinoa, sweet peppers, grape tomatoes, chick peas, toasted sunflower seeds, feta cheese, red onion, and baby spinach tossed in our red wine/Dijon mustard vinaigrette dressing!..
    Made with whole wheat flour, no-fat yogurt, fresh lemon juice and fresh lemon zest.Baked to order for maximum freshness. ..
    Gluten free, Vegan. Made with red kidney beans, chick peas, green & yellow beans, celery, green pepper & onion in our tangy vinagerette...
    95 grams of goodness with cranberries, dates, oatmeal, oat flour, pumpkin/sunflower/sesame seeds, coconut, and brown sugar.Baked to order for maximum freshness. ..
    Tired of dry crumbly GF muffins? Have these - lemon, zucchini, ground almonds, apple sauce, maple syrup, almond butter, topped with sliced almonds - yum!Baked to order for maximum freshness...
    Whole wheat pitas, fresh vegetables and 2 dips.(Avocado Cilantro, Mexican Black Bean)Small (Serves 6-8)Large (Serves 10-12)..
    Selection of seasonal wraps in a zero trans fat/whole grain Wrap.Small (10 pieces, serves 6-8) 39.10Large (16 pieces, serves 10-12) 62.10..
    Sugar Free. Filled with spinach, cheddar and green onions, topped with pumpkin and sesame seeds. Ideal for freezing but reheat from frozen in oven (@ 350 F for 10 min), not microwave.Baked to order for maximum freshness...
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