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    Hoppy Fields Farm

    Hoppy Fields Farm

    The Farm

    Hoppy Fields Farm is a small, organically run vegetable farm located just outside of Fergus, Ontario. We chose the name Hoppy Fields Farm because a large part of the property is a forest/wetland ecosystem, home to an incredible amount of living things, including more frogs and toads than we could ever hope to count!


    An enduring agriculture must never cease to consider and respect and preserve wilderness.

    -Wendell Berry

    The farm operates on the land where most of our family lives. We produce a large variety of vegetables throughout the year, which are distributed weekly to our CSA members and also help to supply local restaurants. It is owned and operated by TJ Radcliffe, who developed an interest in organic and regenerative food production techniques while completing a University degree in Geography and Environmental Science in Montreal. He has also spent more than a decade working as a chef in restaurants around the world, which helps motivate him to grow the best tasting food possible, and informs him in selecting which different varieties of vegetables to grow.  



    Our Mission

    Our mission is to produce as much nutritious and delicious food as possible for our community, while practising farming techniques that build healthy soils and are beneficial to our environment. We also want to make this food as accessible as possible to all members of our community. 


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