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Freshly baked Choco-Cro from Legacy Bakery. This delicious treat is a croissant dip-covered in ..


Cinnamon Buns

Freshly baked Cinnamon Buns from Legacy Bakery.Minimum order of 2.$3.50/ea...


Custard Squares

Rich and foamy custard filling with a flaky crust. Vegan friendly.Package of 4. ..



Freshly baked Danish from Legacy Bakery. Available in Cheese, Strawberry, Mixed Berry and Pizza flav..


Flower Bread - Buns

Bundle of buns, made from white flour and no dairy. Vegan friendly. 7 buns included. Available ..


Fructal Juice - 1L

Juice made from real fruit. Available in Apricot, Strawberry, Black Currant, Peach and Apple fl..



Freshly baked Kifla from Legacy Bakery. Minimum order quantity of 6. $1.25/ea...


Legacy Bread

Straight from grandma's recipe book, pan or stone baked. Vegan friendly...


Multigrain Bread

Three different types of flour and seven different types of seed. Vegan friendly...



Salty and soft, good for any occasion...


Prime Dog

Freshly baked Prime Dog from Legacy Bakery. Jumbo chicken wiener. Minimum order quantity o..


Rye Bread

Freshly baked Rye Bread from Legacy Bakery. Vegan friendly. $4.00/ea...


Somun Lepinja

Freshly baked Somun Lepinja from Legacy Bakery. Stone baked, East-European bun great for&n..


South-Eastern European Pie - Burek

With crusty handmade filo pastry on the outside and soft inside, this magnificent pie was made ..


Strudel - Cherry or Apple

Freshly baked Strudel from Legacy Bakery. Vegan Friendly. Available in Cherry or AppleMini..


Strudel - Meat or Cheese

Freshly baked Strudel from Legacy Bakery. Available in Cheese (feta-ricotta mix) or Meat (pre-c..


Vienna Bread

Freshly baked Vienna Bread from Lagcy Bakery. Available in white bread. Vegan friendly. $3.50/e..


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