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    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Ambrosia
    With a delicately perfumed flavour and smooth, pink–blushed skin, this super sweet, juicy apple is truly worthy of its name — “food of the gods”. A delight to all senses, this relatively new and exciting apple hails from British Columbia where it was discovered as a chance se..
    Model: Apple Butter
    Wellesley Brand Apple Butter is naturally sweet and made without the use of added sugar or sweeteners...
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Apple Sauce
    All–natural, home made apple sauceOur select varieties of apples turned into sauce in a local kitchen using our favourite recipe. Available in the Orchard Market in 1L and 500ml jars. Pure apple, no sugar added...
    Model: Bath Bomb
    Custom-made Luxury Signature Bath Bombs are handmade in small batches by Botanical Propaganda. These "perfect" Bath Bombs won't stain you or your tub, won't dry out your skin, and will leave you with a gorgeous glow and tantalizing lingering scent. Available in two scents: Pink - Honey Apple G..
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Canned Pears
    A Traditional FavouriteOur fresh pears canned in a local kitchen. Try a little country sweetness long after the summer is over. Available in a 1L jar...
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Cripps Pink Apples
    Cripps Pink is a recent addition to our fall harvest lineup. As discerning apple aficionados will know, this is actually the cultivar of the club apple, Pink Lady®, which is a trademarked brand in the US and Canada. With its attractive pink skin, crispy crunch, and sweet–sharp flavour, it ..
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Crispy Apple Chips - Caramel Dream
    Dehydrated apple with salted caramel and vanilla drizzle.There’s no denying that caramel and apples belong together. It’s a creamy and sweet complement made in heaven. But we wanted to fancy things up a bit, so we added a touch of vanilla to make our delicious salted caramel and vanilla ..
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Crispy Apple Chips - Cinnamon
    Dehydrated apple with cinnamon.We figure that when you choose the pure goodness of our Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips, you earn the right to sin a little. And so we’ve added just a dash of cinnamon to give you a tasty new choice. After all, variety is the spice of life! To learn more about ..
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Crispy Apple Chips - Original
    100% dehydrated apple.The original Martin’s Crispy Apple Chips are made from apples and apples alone. Picked from the orchards and processed in our own plant to remove the water, we’ve created a taste you can’t get enough of and a crispness you can hear. To learn more about our Cri..
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Empire Apples
    The “Boy Scout apple”, Empire, is a very popular variety and great for fundraisers. It doesn’t bruise easily making it ideal for school lunches. A cross between a Red Delicious and a McIntosh, the Empire is sweet and crisp and has a bright white flesh. Empires store well but like m..
    Vendor: Martin's Family Fruit Farm Model: Fuji Apples
    The Fuji is perhaps the sweetest of all apples grown in Ontario. The Fuji’s slightly rusty blush over a yellow skin makes it a uniquely attractive apple. Its looks are also complemented by its sweet, refreshing taste which is enhanced when eaten chilled. We recommend waiting until after Christ..
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