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Mountainoak Cheese - Black Pepper (225 g)

This is a beautiful fully aged cheese with black pepper. Natural caramel-like sweetness develops&nbs..


Mountainoak Cheese - Black Pepper Curds (225g)

Mountainoak Curds are made weekly, our plain & black curds are a popular treat. They placed 1st ..


Mountainoak Cheese - Black Truffle (225 g)

Uniquely aromatic and often thought of as a cheese to be saved for special occasions. This cheese ha..


Mountainoak Cheese - Celery (225 g)

Our  newest flavour Celery is a delicately flavoured cheese that offers an aroma of Spring. The..


Mountainoak Cheese - Chili Pepper (225 g)

A smooth creamy gouda with chili peppers giving it a hint of a bite on the finish. Nothing to be afr..


Mountainoak Cheese - Chili Pepper Smoked (225 g)

We take our Chili Pepper gouda and naturally smoke it with Applewood in our own facility.  Crea..


Mountainoak Cheese - Cumin Aged (225 g)

This gouda is a special delight. A traditional cumin flavoured cheese aged just like our GOLD. Amazi..


Mountainoak Cheese - Cumin Mild (225 g)

The traditional "Spiced Gouda" is a versatile cheese good for snacks, cheese boards and hi..


Mountainoak Cheese - Farmstead 2 Year Old (225 g)

Similar in texture to a parmesean, this cheese is bursting with flavour. Take one bite and you will ..


Mountainoak Cheese - Farmstead 3 Year Old (225 g)

Our newly available Farmstead 3 Year Old was the Grand Campion at the 2017 British Empire Cheese Com..


Mountainoak Cheese - Farmstead Aged (225 g)

This is a more mature cheese with a full flavour. Awards2016 - 2nd Place - Class 2 - British Em..


Mountainoak Cheese - Farmstead GOLD (225 g)

Good Old Local Dairy - a full flavoured farmstead gouda that exudes hints of butterscotch and carame..


Mountainoak Cheese - Farmstead Medium (225 g)

A Finalist at the Canadian Cheese Grand Prox 2015, this is a perfect everyday cheese! It has a smoot..


Mountainoak Cheese - Farmstead Mild (225 g)

Exceptionally smooth and creamy with that characteristic gouda flavour. A nutritious snack cubed in ..


Mountainoak Cheese - Farmstead Smoked (225 g)

Naturally Applewood smoked at our own facility, we take our smooth and creamy Farmstead Mild and giv..


Mountainoak Cheese - Fenugreek (225 g)

In 1600 BC, Fenugreek was already highly praised due to its many health benefits. It has a mild, nut..


Mountainoak Cheese - Friesian (225 g)

A more mature cheese with a mix of cumin and cloves. This combination brings a special essence and c..


Mountainoak Cheese - Goat Gouda (225 g)

Our delicious goat gouda is made with milk from a local goat farm. This creamy cheese came in 2..


Mountainoak Cheese - Horseradish (225 g)

Mountainoak Cheese - Horseradish (225 g)..


Mountainoak Cheese - Mustard Seed (225 g)

A unique rustic cheese with a robust sharp, sweet, creamy flavour and aroma all at once. The additio..


Mountainoak Cheese - Plain Curds (225g)

Mountainoak Curds are made weekly, our plain & black curds are a popular treat. They placed 1st ..


Mountainoak Cheese - Quark (500g)

Our newest product, Quark, is a fresh cheese with a smooth, creamy & spreadable texture.  I..


Mountainoak Cheese - Wild Nettle (225 g)

One of our most popular varieties, the Wild Nettle provides an herbal, earthy flavour. When combined..


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