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    Our Journey: From Local Roots to Nationwide Impact

    Welcome to, where convenience meets community. Founded in 2011 in the vibrant city of Waterloo, Ontario, started with a simple yet powerful idea: to make grocery shopping hassle-free for Canadians. What began as a humble online order form quickly evolved into a trusted grocery delivery service, proudly serving local communities with fresh, quality products.

    Incorporated in 2013, we solidified our commitment to our mission of making local shopping as convenient as possible. Over the years, we've expanded our reach to new cities across Canada. By 2015, we were proudly delivering groceries to doorsteps nationwide, connecting communities and local businesses with a shared passion for quality-driven food supply.

    Responding to the rising prices and declining quality of groceries at major retailers, we revamped our website into a comprehensive ecommerce platform in 2019. This makeover marked a significant milestone in our quest to provide a seamless and enjoyable shopping experience for our customers.

    Our Network: Connecting Producers, Vendors, and Customers

    Our network is more than just a platform for buying and selling groceries; it's a vibrant community dedicated to supporting local businesses and fostering connections. At, we understand the importance of access to affordable, high-quality groceries. That's why we work closely with local suppliers, producers, and growers to source the finest ingredients and ensure that every item meets our rigorous quality standards. Whether it's fresh produce, artisanal cheeses, or gourmet pantry staples, our marketplace offers an unparalleled selection of high-quality goods, all conveniently available for delivery to our customers' doorsteps. With every transaction, you not only support local businesses and enjoy real, fresh food, but also experience superior product quality and exceptional value. With, we're not just facilitating commerce; we're building relationships and strengthening the bonds that unite our community.

    Our Mission: Prioritizing Quality, Convenience, and Local Sourcing

    Our mission is to prioritize quality, convenience, and local sourcing in the food industry. We believe in fostering a seamless shopping experience by enhancing collaboration among small to medium-sized vendors, producers, and growers across Canada. Through our robust nationwide order fulfillment network, we are committed to providing a reliable and efficient platform that connects consumers directly to local food sources in the most convenient way possible.

    Our Local Operators: Driving Community Connections

    At, we understand the importance of local connections and community engagement. That's why we have a dedicated team of local operators overseeing the day-to-day operations in each delivery territory of our marketplace.

    These local operators are entrepreneurs who have joined us along the way, sharing our vision and passion for transforming the grocery industry. They bring a wealth of local knowledge and expertise, allowing us to tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each community we serve.

    From managing logistics and coordinating deliveries to fostering relationships with local vendors and addressing customer inquiries, our local operators play a pivotal role in making a trusted and integral part of the community.

    By having local operators embedded within each delivery territory, we are able to provide personalized service and support that goes above and beyond. Whether it's sourcing fresh, locally-sourced products or ensuring timely deliveries, our local operators are committed to delivering excellence every step of the way.

    But it's not just about logistics and operations – our local operators also serve as ambassadors for within their communities. They actively engage with local businesses, participate in community events, and seek out opportunities to give back and make a positive impact.

    At, we believe that strong community connections are essential for success. That's why we're proud to have a team of dedicated local operators who are passionate about building and nurturing those connections in every delivery territory we serve.

    Opportunities Available with Us

    Are you ready to be a part of something extraordinary? offers a range of exciting opportunities for individuals looking to join our dynamic team across Canada. From product specialists to delivery drivers, social media marketing affiliates, and more, there's a place for you at

    Additionally, we are actively seeking entrepreneurs to join us as local operators and operate territories within our marketplace. With some territories remaining across Canada, this is a unique opportunity to be your own boss and make a positive impact in your local community. As a local operator, you'll have the opportunity to drive community connections, manage day-to-day operations, and play a pivotal role in shaping the future of grocery shopping in your area.

    Whether you're looking to join our team in a specific role or interested in becoming a local operator, welcomes individuals who share our passion for quality, convenience, and community support. Join us and become part of a thriving community committed to redefining the way Canadians shop for groceries.

    Proudly Canadian Headquarters: Coast to Coast Connectivity

    Nestled in the heart of downtown Amherst, Nova Scotia, our headquarters stand as a testament to our commitment to the community. Housed in a historic building erected in 1904, our headquarters serve as the hub for all things – from design and development to customer support and beyond. It's where the magic happens, where ideas are born, and where our dedicated team works to make grocery shopping a breeze for you.

    Join us in making a positive difference in your community. Explore the possibilities today and make a difference with!

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