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    FARMHOUSE CHEDDAR Make a full wheel of cheddar using this easy to follow recipe and fully equipped kit. There's enough ingredients to make 10 full batches! (1 Batch = 1 Pound of cheese!). You can age your cheddar in the fridge using the coating provided to create a mild, medium or old cheese. Addit..
    FETA AND GOAT CHEESE KIT Make a genuine batch of Greek Feta or a smooth log of Goat Cheese using the easy to follow recipes in this fully equipped kit! There are enough ingredients to make 10 batches of cheese! (1 batch = 1 pound of cheese!) Using the mould provided, you can shape your Feta and sto..
    FRESH MOZZARELLA AND RICOTTA You can make your own Fresh Mozzarella (aka. Bocconcini) in an hour! This kit has enough ingredients to make 40 BATCHES (1 Batch = 1 Pound of cheese!). Shape your cheese into balls or make one large batch to slice up and put on your pizza or caprese salad. This kit also..
    POUTINE CHEESE CURDS Savour the delicious flavour (and squeak) of fresh, homemade cheese curds! This kit has enough ingredients to make 8 batches and comes with all the equipment, ingredients and instructions you need. (1 Batch = 1 Pounds of cheese!) We also include a bonus gravy! All you have to d..
    VEGAN NUT-CHEESE (MOZZARELLA) Do you love cheese, but don’t eat dairy? This is the kit for you! We include enough ingredients to make 8 batches of nut cheese that you can slice, grate and even melt! (1 batch = 1 pound of cheese!) GO NUTS and add your own flavours. To start you out, we give you raw ..
    Dry Spice Mix Kit for Pho Broth - The Nguyen's
    Looking to make your own authentic pho broth at home? Our Dry Spice Mix Kit for Pho Broth is exactly what you need! This is the same pho broth we use at The Nguyen's Vietnamese Family Restaurant. Made with high-quality, aromatic spices and herbs, this kit includes everything you need to create the p..
    Approx. size: 1/2 lb. and 1 1/4 lb. Dried mushroom soup mix can be used in many different ways. Here are a few suggestions.1. Put a tablespoon into your favourite omelet recipe.2. Use to help bring more flavour to soups and stews without adding texture or meat products.3. Sprinkle across a salad for..
    Pad Thai Meal Kit - The Nguyens
    New -17 % 2-3 Days
    1 bag of Bean Sprout 1 bag of crushed roasted peanuts 1 carrot 1 broccoli 1 Pad Thai Sauce (jar) 1 bag deep fried Tofu 2 bags of rice noodle 5 eggs 1 lemon or lime ..
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