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    Fraberts Fresh Food - Bacon (1lb Pack) Final price will be adjusted based upon actual weight..
    Breakfast Sausage Patties (per lb.)
    Our Breakfast Sausage Patties are made in-house! These are the delicious patties we serve in the cafe for breakfast sandwiches! Now available to purchase in the deli! ..
    Our Canadian Back Bacon is made local... from Finest Sausage and Meat, and is a premium product that your whole family will enjoy.This is what Finest Sausage has to say... "Being that this type of bacon represents Canada, it is our job to make sure it tastes delicious. Canadian Back Bacon from ..
    Earlidale Head cheese or as some call it, Liver Wurst, is made local in Floradale Ontario. Try eating Homemade Head Cheese for breakfast with eggs, toast, fried potatoes, and of course our own Homemade Ketchup! Or as some customers have told us, they eat it with Apple Sauce and toast! ..
    Old Fashioned Smoked Breakfast Bacon - per lb
    Our breakfast is a popular choice! Made by Finest Sausage in Kitchener, this bacon has no MSG, and is gluten free. This is what they have to say about their bacon..."One of our top selling products is our Bacon. Our Bacon is wood-smoked and ready for the frying pan. Made with only carefully sel..
    Fraberts Fresh Food - Pork Loin Chops ..
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    2 High Welfare Organic Principled Pork Loin Chops Approx. 0.75-1lbs..
    Vendor: Harley Farms
    High Welfare Pork Spare Ribs Grass fed Approx 1-1.50lbs..
    Fraberts Fresh Food - Pork Tenderloin ..
    Pulled Pork - 2  lbs
    Fraberts Fresh Food - Pulled pork Priced per pound...
    Fraberts Fresh Food - Sausage (1lb) Select your flavour of Farmers, Honey Garlic, Italian, Jalapeno Cheddar or Lamb with Red Wine and Fresh Rosemary...
    Our Smoked Sausages are made local in a gluten free facility by Earlidale Meats. They are pre-cooked, and smoked to perfection, ready for the grill! Choose from our two varieties of Homemade Sausages, Regular Smoked, and Oktoberfest Smoked. ..
    Spiral Sliced Ham - Boneless - Approx 4-6 lbs
    Gorgeous ham from family-owned Schinkels Legacy, comes with delicious honey glaze and instructions. Boneless Approx 4-6 lbs $10.49 per lb..
    Organic Pork Tenderloin Approx 1-2 lbs each $12.00 per lb Final price will be adjusted based upon the actual weight Quantity discounts are available..
    Gorgeous ham from family-owned Schinkels Legacy, comes with delicious honey glaze and instructions. Bone in Approx 7-10 lbs $8.99 per lb ..
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