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    10 Feb New Vendor! The Poultry Place
    Todd 0 2276
    The Poultry Place Established in 1985 The Poultry Place is a family-run business located in St. Jacobs – the heart of Mennonite Country. Today, we offer a large selection of fresh and frozen products that are free-ranged, drug-free, and sourced fro..
    20 Dec New Vendor! Circle of Life Bakery
    20 Dec New Vendor! Grainharvest Breadhouse
    25 Sep New Vendor! Bakin' Us Keto
    23 Aug New Vendor! Go Keto
    21 Aug New Vendor! Furtado Farms Cookwood
    15 Jul New Vendor! Stemmler's Meat & Cheese
    Brett 2 3704
    Stemmler's offers peace of mind to families with food sensitivities without sacrificing quality, value or most importantly enjoyment and taste. Our meats, cheese, produce, and baked goods come from our local community of farming families. They produ..
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