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Garlic - Fresh

Product of Ontario..


Garlic - Minced

Fraberts Fresh Food - Garlic - Minced $2.99/Each..


Ginger (lb)

Fraberts Fresh Food - Ginger $1.99/lb..


Ginger - Minced

Fraberts Fresh Food - Ginger - Minced $3.99/Each..


Gourmet Blend (12 Pint Flat)

Elmira's Own Tomatoes - Gourmet Blend (12 Pint Flat) A variety of select tomatoes..


Gourmet Potatoes

Available in Fingerling, Mini Red, Mini White, Mini Yellow, Mini Blue. Size - Quart..



Fraberts Fresh Food - Grapefruit $1.29/Each..


Grapes - Red (1lb)

Fraberts Fresh Food - Red Grapes $2.99/lb..


Grapes – Seedless, Green (1lb)

Fraberts Fresh Food - Grapes – Seedless, Green $2.99/lb..


Green Leaf Lettuce

These generously sized heads of leaf lettuce can be used in salads, sandwiches and many other ways.&..


Green Onion

Locally grown- sold in bunch..


Green Onions

Dark green tops with bright white shanks.  Also know as scallions, they can be sprinkled over s..


Green Onions

Fraberts Fresh Food - Green Onions $0.99/Bunch..


Ground Cherries Coming Soon

Ground Cherries

Hoppy Fields Farm - Ground Cherries$5.00/Pint..


Heirloom Tomatoes (1lb)

Hoppy Fields Farm - Heirloom Tomatoes$3.50/lb..