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    Vendor: - KW Model: - Charcuterie Gift Basket Charcuterie Board includes:Summer Sausage ChubbRed Pepper JellySt. Albert's CheeseNutsGarlic Dill PicklesHomemade Cheese BallPepperettesRoasted Garlic & Pepper DipFraberts FlatbreadPeach Chutney..
    Vendor: - KW Model: - Large Gift Basket large gift basket includes:Summer Sausage ChubbRed Pepper JellyGarlic Dill PicklesJam x 2Extra Old CheesePicard's Original Salted Peanuts Nuts from Jewels Under The KiltFraberts FlastbreadRoasted Garlic & Pepper DipMaple FudgeMini Peanut Butter Cups..
    Vendor: - KW Model: - Medium Gift Basket medium gift basket includes:Summer Sausage ChubbGarlic Dill PicklesJamSt. Albert's CheeseFudgeFraberts FlatbreadRoasted Garlic & Pepper Dip..
    Vendor: - KW Model: - Small Gift Basket small gift basket includes:JamCheese CurdsPepperettesPicard's Original Jumbo Salted Peanuts - 300g..
    Vendor: - KW Model: Gift Basket - Sweet Tooth - Sweet Tooth gift basket includes:FudgeMini Peanut Butter CupsFraktals Milk Chocolate ButtercrunchCoco Mira Pistachio CrunchM&M CandiesMilk Chocolate PeanutsPecal Caramel BrownieMilk Chocolate Ju Jubes..
    Vendor: - KW Model: Gift Basket - Jam, Chutney and Spreads - Jam, Cutney & Spreads gift basket includes:Jam x 2Red Pepper JellyHoneyApple ButterKellsons Maple MustardMaple SyrupGarlic SpreadChutney x 2..
    Vendor: - KW Model: Gift Basket - Preserves - Preserves gift basket includes:PeachesPearsPickled BeetsSauerkrautGarlic PicklesPickled EggsZucchini Relish..
    Vendor: - KW Model: Gift Certificate
    Give the gift of supporting local this Christmas. Gift card can be used with any order placed on Available in $25, $50, $100, $150, $200, $250 & $500.  ..
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