Stemmler's offers peace of mind to families with food sensitivities without sacrificing quality, value or most importantly enjoyment and taste. Our meats, cheese, produce, and baked goods come from our local community of farming families. They produce a wonderful wide variety of safe and tasty options for nutritious, healthy meals. We are very proud to provide Waterloo Region and all of Ontario with options that are Gluten, MSG, Lactose and Nitrate free. Our friendly staff are always willing to assist with finding the option that is right for you. History Stemmler Meats and Cheese had a humble beginning in 1985 with its founders Gerard and MaryAnn Stemmler. The first facility was in the family garage with a retail outlet at the local farmers market. Within the year our new store was built in Heidelberg, Ontario. The original square footage was 1200 sq. ft. The first customer of the new store was Doug Bender of St. Clements whose company built the store. We have the first dollar from that day framed in our store’s front foyer. Stemmler Meats and Cheese became quickly known for lean cuts, quality meats and a real unique concept.

The cutting and processing rooms were open for everyone to see. We would show our customers how we would prepare their food while they waited. Watching the 'behind the scene' meat processing techniques interested people and put their minds to ease. Five years after our doors opened we expanded to 2300 sq. ft. We developed several products which did not include flour, dairy or MSG. This accommodated many people with special dietary needs. Members of the Celiac Association have been referred to our store by their association. Attending Physicians as well as dieticians from McMaster University Hospital along with countless other doctors and dieticians from all over the health care field have also directed people our way. In 2005 we tripled our facility and moved it to its current location in Heidelberg Ontario. It is a traditional β€œBavarian” looking European meat shop where you can see into every work space in our production facility so that you can see us making the products you’re taking home. Over the years our products have continued to win many Provincial Awards. You are able to review our awards on our site. The awards gave our consumers a real confidence that our promise to quality never changed. Stemmler Meats was featured in the national edition of Food In Canada Magazine in celebration of our 25th Anniversary as well as making the magazine’s top 100 list of Canada’s best Food and Beverage Manufactures. Other awards such as the Premiers Award for Food Innovation Excellence and the PROFIT 500 list as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies followed among other distinctions.

Stemmler's has been humbled by the many awards it has received but is more honoured to have had the continued support of it's many wonderful suppliers and customers over these last 28 years! Gerry and MaryAnn continue to come into the store daily all these years later. Their sons Kevin Shawn and Terry continue on with the family business and now run its daily operations. This is truly a family business with family values. Nothing ever pleases us more than to help you with the most important time of the day which is your time with your family enjoying each other around the kitchen table with a great tasting and healthy wonderful meal!