The Poultry Place

Established in 1985 The Poultry Place is a family-run business located in St. Jacobs – the heart of Mennonite Country. Today, we offer a large selection of fresh and frozen products that are free-ranged, drug-free, and sourced from reputable local farmers.

Whether you’re looking to serve a special event or a simple dinner, you can always rely on The Poultry Place to deliver quality-made poultry products you can look forward to.


All of our poultry is drug and hormone free, Providing the best quality product for your family.


All of our chickens & turkeys are grain fed and have free run of the barn. They have never been caged and are well looked after by the best local farmers.


We support our local farmers, our chicken and turkey is all sourced in Ontario. This ensures that you get the freshest possible products.

From Farm to Table

For over 30 years The Poultry Place has perfected the craft of poultry preparation. Frozen or fresh, you can expect consistent, quality-made poultry products that come from local farmers you can trust. Farm-grown and raised, our pre-prepared chicken products are sourced from reliable, local farmers.

We work hard to ensure quality by adhering to provincial regulation by the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, and by holding a higher standard of excellence when it comes to customer service.