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    Our Homemade Nanaimo Bars are made in house, using only the finest ingredients. Pair these bars with some fresh brewed Baden Coffee, and you will have a most delicious treat! ..
    Banana Nut Bread
    Old Fashioned Banana Nut Bread is always a delicious treat to come home to! Baked right in our kitchen, this loaf is a great day to add at breakfast or tea time! ..
    Environmentally friendly beeswax wraps. Assorted 3 pack that includes 1 small, 1 medium & 1 large.There wraps are a great eco-friendly, re-usable alternative to saran wrap and ziploc bags!Best used for things like cheese, nuts, fruits and veggies on the go.Also great for wrapping up leftovers in..
    Eco-friendly beeswax lotion barWhat is it?⦁ All handmade, natural, local ingredients made into a beeswax lotion bar.⦁ Environmentally friendly, ditch the plastic!⦁ The local cocoa butter in the bar gives it a little scent of chocolate, to soothe the senses.⦁ Sustainable alternative!How to use:Pick u..
    We are introducing "The Better Butter!" This Farm Fresh butter is made in Alliston Ontario with 84 percent butter fat. The 425 g. tub is unsalted, where the 2 lb. rolled butter is salted. This butter is of very high quality, and most delicious on our homemade bread or rolls! ..
    Homemade Butter Tarts Regular, Raisin or Pecan 6 per package..
    Priced per pound and done up in approx. 3/4 lb. containers. This Pasta Salad is a delicious combination of pasta, cherry tomatoes, chopped cucumbers, and our own cubed homemade All Beef summer sausage. Lightly tossed in a vinegar dressing with Kellsons famous maple mustard, this homemade salad is ..
    Priced per lb Our Chow Mein Noodles are delicious used in baking haystacks, or cookie recipes that call for them. They create a nice crunch in cookies. ..
    Homemade Coconut Raspberry Tarts 6 per pack..
    Our Honey Garlic Roll is like a bologna, with a hint of sweetness and garlic! Pair this meat with some fresh cut Cheddar cheese, Homemade Pickled Asparagus, and some of our Homemade Bread! This will make an amazing lunch! Our Honey Garlic Roll is made locally by Earlidale Meats, is 100 % glute..
    Our Pastrami is made from local beef, smoked, and seasoned with a flavorful spice mixture! This meat is processed and smoked at Earlidale Meats, is gluten free, and made in a gluten free facility. How about a Pastrami sandwich on our homemade rye bread, our deli cut Swiss cheese and homemade mus..
    Our Pizza Roll is processed locally, by Earlidale Meats. This meat has an amazing flavor for sandwiches or charcuterie boards, is gluten free, as well has made in a gluten free facility. ..
    Assorted dessert tray from Kitchen Kuttings! Dessert tray serves approx. 50 people.   All our desserts are homemade in our Cafe kitchen! Each tray has 6 pecan tarts, 6 plain butter tarts, 6 butter raisin tarts, 12 old fashioned ginger cookies, 12 monster cookies, and 12 chocolate chip co..
    HEALTH KIT EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION - This is a set of all of the roll ons in one! Five (5) 10ml essential oils has been carefully selected as the perfect oils set. It also comes in a reusable drawstring bag with a rainbow on it, can it get any more fun?It includes one of each: Calm, Happy, Migraine, Di..
    Approx. 3/4 lb. container. Our Fine Egg Noodles make an easy supper, and are quick to cook! Serve with our Homemade Cheese Ball, Pickled Beets and Summer Sausage for an old fashioned meal! ..
    Dark Chocolate Cashew Buttercrunch. Available in 100g, 200g & 375g sizes.Excellent dark chocolate with a layer of brittle in the middle! This candy is popular in gift giving, or just as a unique treat for yourself! Fraktals is Belgian chocolate cashew buttercrunch. Handmade in Aurora, ..
    Our Assorted wrap tray is made fresh from Kitchen Kuttings! Loaded with meat, cheese, and fresh chopped vegetables, these are sure to please!   The small assorted wrap tray serves 6 - 8 people (12 halves) and our large wrap tray serves approx. 15-18 people. (30 halves) . Please allow 24 ho..
    Our Sandwich Platters are made fresh specifically for you! Using local meat, these sandwiches are sure to please! Our small platter serves 4 - 6 people. (8 halves, or 16 quarters), and the large platter serves approx. 10 - 12 people. (20 halves or 40 quarters) This of course may vary according to..
    Frozen Homemade Hearty Beef Lasagna
    Our frozen Homemade Hearty Beef Lasagna are available in small and large sizes. All you need to do is heat and serve.Our small size is enough for 4-6 people, where the large size is for a family ... equivalent to a 9x13 pan.Our Homemade Lasagna is made from scratch, with ground beef from locally rai..
    Our German Koch Kase is similar to the Old Fashioned Cook cheese from the 1900's! Since then, cook cheese was taken off the market. This is of course not made local, however, its the closest thing to the real cook cheese that we have found! Try it for yourself!..
    Gold Rush Breakfast Casserole has made it's way out of our kitchen! Potatoes, bacon, ham, eggs, then topped with Cheddar cheese, all in one dish! Frozen, and ready to bake. The small serves 4 - 8 people, where the large serves 10 - 12 people. Making breakfast has become easy!..
    What is better than Homemade Butter Pecan Tarts? We make our own in house, and they are a must try! Not too sweet, they are the perfect blend of a buttery caramel flavor, with added pecans! These popular tarts are a perfect way to treat youreself! ..
    Serves approx. 6 - 8 peopleOur Homemade Apple Crisp is made with fresh, local apples! Bake at 350 degrees for 45 minutes, and you have a nice homemade dessert! ..
    We make our own Homemade Apple Dumplings using Fresh, Local Apples! These Dumplings are immersed in our own Homemade Caramel Sauce. Thaw, and Bake uncovered at 350 F. Small size (4 dumplings) bake for 30 min. Large size (9 dumplings) bake for 45-50 minutes. ..
    Our Homemade Carrot Cake made in our kitchen is topped with our own Homemade Cream Cheese Frosting! Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting is hard to beat! Treat your family and friends today!..
    Homemade Cherry Cheesecake
    Small 170 g. Individual Serving is great for a one time treat, at work or at home! Also available is the large cherry cheese cake serving 4 - 6 people. Our Homemade Cherry Cheesecake (unbaked) is bursting with flavor, and is made in house. Made with a graham crust, cream cheese, and cherries o..
    Our Homemade Cherry Pie is a winner every time! Made inhouse, using sour cherries, this is one of our most popular pies! ..
    Fresh out of the oven! We like to call our Homemade Chocolate Chip cookies "Summer Blooms!" Decorated like a flower, our Chocolate Chip cookies are a popular choice! They come 12 cookies in a box...
    Homemade Cinnamon Buns (Caramel Iced, tray of 6 )
    Our Caramel Iced Cinnamon Buns are made from scartch in our bakery! Enjoy a cup of Baden coffee and a Cinnamon Bun for a good start to your day! Fresh, Homemade, and full of goodness! ..
    We make our own Dutch Apple Pie right in our kitchen! Top it off with some vanilla ice cream to treat your family and friends! ..
    Elderberry Pie is made from an old fashioned recipe passed down from generation to generation. The taste is much like a combination of blueberry and grape. Elderberry bushes grew in the wild, and we remember going by horse and buggy to fence rows in farmers fields to pick them. In more recent yea..
    Small serves 4 - 6 peopleLarge serves 10 - 12 peopleChicken in Lasagna has a very unique flavor, and is absolutely delicious served with Caesar salad on the side! Any Lasagna makes a good meal anytime! ..
    9 inch pie shell Baking your own pies just got easier! Or how about making your own quiche? It's so simple for an open faced pie, or we also have the pie dough lids to cover the pie! ..
    6 in a package. Our homemade long johns are deep fried like donuts and filled with our own cream filling...
    Serves 6-8 people Our Homemade Meat loaf is made from scratch right in our kitchen, and is sure to please any palate! We use local fresh hamburger...taste the difference of quality food! Bake from frozen for 2 hours at 350 F...
    6 in a package. Homemade parmesan herb rolls are delicious served with chili or our homemade soups. Homemade soup and rolls are a great idea to serve your family. They will thank you for it!  ..
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