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Apple Cinnamon Pretzel - 3/pkg Pre-Order

Apple Cinnamon Pretzel - 3/pkg

Do you have a sweet tooth and like pretzels?  Then this Apple Cinnamon Pretzel, sprinkled with ..


Apple Crisp Pre-Order

Apple Crisp

Made with local apples, spices, topped with crumble!Pre-order..


Apple Pie Pre-Order

Apple Pie

 Homemade pie crust filled with local apples, spice and a crumble topping.Pre-order..


Apple Spice Loaf Pre-Order

Apple Spice Loaf

Homemade Spiced apple loaf, with local apples!Pre-order ..


Asiago Cracked Pepper Bread Pre-Order

Asiago Cracked Pepper Bread

With a crisp outer crust, and light peppery taste, who can resist this artisan bread made with simpl..


Austrian Roggen Brot (Half) Pre-Order

Austrian Roggen Brot (Half)

A true European rye bread, crafted with old-world traditional methods. A dense and hearty texture de..


Baguette New Pre-Order


Our Baguette is baking and delivered Thursday, Friday & Saturday.  When pre-ordering p..


Bread Crumbs Pre-Order

Bread Crumbs

Bread Crumbs by Grainharvest Breadhouse Inc.600g.  ..


Brioche Bun - 6/pkg Pre-Order

Brioche Bun - 6/pkg

A soft and light textured bun, with a hint of sweetness, made from premium ingredients.$6.12/pkg.6 p..


Butter Croissant - 6/pkg Pre-Order

Butter Croissant - 6/pkg

Buttery, flaky, and irresistible.  A delightful treat for any occasion.$8.22/pkg.6 pcs/pkg. 408..


Butter Tarts (6 Pack) Pre-Order

Butter Tarts (6 Pack)

Homemade tart shells and filled with sweet filling!Available in: raisin, chocolate chip, plain, mapl..


Butter Tarts - 6/pkg Pre-Order

Butter Tarts - 6/pkg

Yummy, gooey filling in a flaky tart crust.  Also available with raisins or with pecans.  ..


Calabrese Bread

Freshly Baked Calabrese Bread from University Square Bakery & Deli.$3.74/ea...


Cheese Bread Pre-Order

Cheese Bread

Loaded with fresh Ontario cheddar cheese inside the dough, and crispy cheese baked on the outside fo..