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Ambrosia Apples

With a delicately perfumed flavour and smooth, pink–blushed skin, this super sweet, juicy appl..


Apple Cider

Sweet, refreshing and 100% apple. Fresh–pressed, all natural cider.As one of Ontario&rsqu..


Apple Sauce

All–natural, home made apple sauceOur select varieties of apples turned into sauce in a local ..


Apple Sauce

750 mLSimply Local Apples - Empire, Macs & Northern Spy - great natural food for babies!..


Apple/Carrot Puree

Homemade Apple/Carrot Puree from Nauman's Farm.250mL - Frozen.  ..


Apples - Honey Crisp

Fraberts Fresh Food - Honey Crisp Apples$3.99/lb or $9.99/3lb Bag..



Fraberts Fresh Food - Oranges $3.29/Each..



Fraberts Fresh Food - Bananas $1.29/lb..



Fraberts Fresh Food - Blueberries $5.99/Pint..


Canned Peaches

A Traditional FavouriteOur delicious tree–ripened peaches are canned in a local kitchen. A per..


Canned Pears

A Traditional FavouriteOur fresh pears canned in a local kitchen. Try a little country sweetness lon..



Fraberts Fresh Food - Cantaloupe $4.99/Each..


Cortland Apples

The Cortland apple is a member of the McIntosh family. Slightly sweeter than a Mac, it has very whit..


Crimson Crisp Apples

A newer apple, the Crimson Crisp is a recent addition to our Orchard Market line up. This is a vivid..


Crispy Apple Chips - Caramel Dream

Dehydrated apple with salted caramel and vanilla drizzle.There’s no denying that caramel and a..