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Golden Guernsey 2% Homogenized Milk

GOLDEN GUERNSEY 2% MILK Eby Manor Golden Guernsey 2% Milk is anything but ordinary milk. It&rsq..


Golden Guernsey 4% Chocolate Milk

GOLDEN GUERNSEY CHOCOLATE MILK Some say it tastes like a chocolate milkshake, others describe i..


Golden Guernsey 4.8% Non-Homogenized Whole Milk

GOLDEN GUERNSEY CREAM TOP WHOLE MILK (4.8%) You’ve heard that “the cream always ris..


4.8% All Natural Balkan Style Yogurt

GOLDEN GUERNSEY BALKAN STYLE YOGURT Our Balkan Style Yogurt is naturally creamy because it&rsqu..


Golden Guernsey 10% Cream

The wait is over, try our newest product! Eby Manor Golden Guernsey 10% Cream is super smooth, cream..


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