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    Garlic King is a small business operating in Waterloo, Ontario and producing product in an inspected facility located in the beautiful town of New Hamburg, Ontario.


    Our commitment is to provide a healthy and natural garlic spread. We start with a non-hydrogenated soya base, add fresh chopped Canadian grown garlic and finish it off with a special blend of over 30 herbs and spices. The special blend of herbs helps to bring out the flavour of the garlic without making it to intense for the conservative garlic lover.


    We believe that hand mixing our spread allows us to provide you with the highest quality product. Garlic King is produced in small batches, with each batch being hand mixed and packaged. The attention to quality ensures a consistent product every time!


    Garlic King is so versatile which makes it a hit with all of our customers. The possibilities with our spread is truly endless. Check out our recipe ideas for some suggestions for your next meal! Add some excitement to your food with our personal chef-in-a-container, Garlic King Garlic Spread! Caution... it's higly addictive!




    Garlic King is inspired by my late brother, Al Moody, “The Garlic Guy”. I do everything the way my brother would have wanted it; hand mixing small batches each week to ensure quality and freshness, offering a fair value to my customers, and handing out hot free samples of my awesome garlic spread. Hearing great feedback everyday from customers is what keeps me doing what I do. It makes me proud to know that people drive great distances, often coming to the market just for my spread. I believe in offering great customer service, my customers are my best advertising and I always go the extra mile for them! 

    Garlic King Garlic Spread is versatile and has a great shelf life! If you haven’t tried it yet, what are you waiting for? If you love it, I am grateful to you for sharing it with your friends, as I know they will be too! I am always happy to hear from you.


    Please feel free to email me or contact me directly on the Kings Hotline 226-239-2839

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