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    Model: Beeswax Food Wraps - 3 pk
    Environmentally friendly beeswax wraps. Assorted 3 pack that includes 1 small, 1 medium & 1 large.There wraps are a great eco-friendly, re-usable alternative to saran wrap and ziploc bags!Best used for things like cheese, nuts, fruits and veggies on the go.Also great for wrapping up leftovers in..
    Model: Beeswax Lotion Bar
    Eco-friendly beeswax lotion barWhat is it?⦁ All handmade, natural, local ingredients made into a beeswax lotion bar.⦁ Environmentally friendly, ditch the plastic!⦁ The local cocoa butter in the bar gives it a little scent of chocolate, to soothe the senses.⦁ Sustainable alternative!How to use:Pick u..
    Model: Bubble bath
    Lavender bubble bath, that's good for you and the environment! ure relaxing bubble bath is a must in the bathtub. Bath morning or evening, its sweet formula will charm you. The essential oils of this product will allow you a complete relaxation of the body & mind. Vegan, biodegradable, SLS-fre..
    Model: Essential Oil Kit
    HEALTH KIT EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION - This is a set of all of the roll ons in one! Five (5) 10ml essential oils has been carefully selected as the perfect oils set. It also comes in a reusable drawstring bag with a rainbow on it, can it get any more fun?It includes one of each: Calm, Happy, Migraine, Di..
    Model: Fabric softener
    Lavender, environmental, biodegradable fabric softener Pure fabric softener is made of a formula that makes your clothes smell good, for a long time. It stops static on all types of fabric and gives them a feeling of freshness. It is gentle and safe for sensitive skin. Vegan, biodegradable, SL..
    Model: PURE almond hand soap/body wash
    PURE hand soap/ body wash in almond blossom natural scent. Made from an ultra-gentle formula for the skin, our Pure Hand & Body Wash is perfect for the whole family. Designed with the best ingredients, it is ideal for people with sensitive skin. Vegan, biodegradable, SLS-free. Ingredients: ..
    Model: Biodegradable, enviro laundry detergent
    LAVENDER SCENT- natural essential oils, no toxic chemicals here! Made from a concentrated formula with ingredients that have a positive impact on health and the environment. This laundry detergent dissolves more than 95% in water. It greatly reduces deposits and residues on clothing. In addition to ..
    Model: Migraine Salve
    Back story: In August of 2018 I had a simple infection that became very serious as the weeks went by. I was dizzy for almost 6 months after this and it took a lot time until I could see straight again. I now suffer with something called Vestibular Migraines and Vestibular Dysfunction. These episodes..
    Model: Multi purpose disinfectant
    Biodegradable, environmentally friendly and in a reusable, refillable quality glass spray bottle! We love the Pure Multi-surface for so many reasons. This ready-to-use cleanser is available in BULK, it is made of natural ingredients and its a biodegradable formula. All ingredients are soft, toxin..
    Model: Reusable grocery bag
    Reusable canvas tote bag, great for groceries or on the go! Ditch the plastic!!..
    Model: Reusable makeup cloths
    6 pack of cotton reusable facial rounds. Throw them in the wash or hand wash after use instead of using disposable products!..
    Model: Reusable Stainless Steel Straw
    Stainless steel drinking straw to replace those plastic straws at home!Straw individually pressed with quality vinyl, reads "go green"Comes with a free stainless steel brush for cleaning, clean after every use...
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