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Atlantic Salmon Burgers

Two of our own Salmon Burgers.5 ounces each, Frozen. contains: Atlantic salmon, green onion,cap..


Cold smoked salmon portions

8 ounce portion of our famous fresh "Applegirth" Cold Smoked Salmon. (skin on, unsliced)..


Cooked Shrimp

Frozen, large size (21 to 25 per pound) cooked shrimp.per pound...


Fresh Atlantic Salmon Portions

Fresh Atlantic Salmon 2 * 8 ounce portions. ..


fresh Beausoleil oysters in the shell

One dozen fresh Beausoleil oysters  in the shell from New Brunswick...


Fresh Chilean Steelhead Trout.

On pound of fresh farmed Chilean Steelhead Trout...


fresh Ecuadorian Tilapia

One pound of fresh farmed Ecuadorian Tilapia...


fresh PEI mussels

One pound of live blue mussels fresh from PEI...


Fresh Pickerel

One pound of fresh Lake Huron Pickerel...


fresh rainbow trout fillet

One Pound of fresh farmed Rainbow Trout fillet...


Mahi-Mahi portions

One six ounce Mahi-Mahi fillet.Frozen, Skinless..


Newfoundland Cod

Frozen Newfoundland Cod fillets.One pound package...


Nova Scotia Haddock

One pound of frozen Nova Scotian Haddock fillets.4 to 6 once portions  ..


Ocean Scallops

Frozen Ocean Scallops.Dry packed, U/10 size , from Nova pound..


orange roughy

One pound of frozen, wild Orange Roughy fillet...


Raw Shrimp

Raw, peeled,and deveined (21 to 25 per pound) frozen shrimp.per pound...


smoked salmon pate

one 8 ounce container of smoked salmon pate..


Stuffed Sole Elites

Package of two five ounce stuffed sole elites.(sole stuffed with scallops,crab meat,seafood, an..


sushi grade salmon portions

 one- 8 ounce portion of fresh  "sushi grade" salmon ...


Sushi grade Yellowfin Tuna

6 ounce frozen Sushi Grade Yellowfin Tuna portions.per portion...


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