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Thatcher Farms Beef Burgers

A 6 lb. box of 100% pure beef hamburgers. 16 burgers per package.Available in four flavours...


Beef & Pork Sliced Summer Sausage

Thatcher Farms beef sliced summer sausage. 20 pieces...


Beef Blade Roast

Thatcher Farms beef blade roast. 3.5 – 4 lbs...


Beef Round Roast

Thatcher Farms beef round roast. 3.5 – 4 lbs...


Beef Stew

Thatcher Farms stewing beef.Available in 1 lb. or 5 lb. options.Prepared in individual 1 lb. package..


Beef Stew-Stemmler's

Stemmler's Beef Stew with vegetables2 lb..


Beef Stir-Fry Strips

Thatcher Farms beef stir-fry strips.Available in 1 lb. and 5 lb. options.Prepared in 1 lb. packages...


Beef Tenderloin Fillets (10 oz)

The Tenderloin is widely regarded as the most tender cut of beef. (10 oz)..


Beef-Extra Lean Ground (1 lb)

Stemmler's Extra Lean Ground Beef$4.99 per lb..


Beef-Lean Ground (1 lb)

Stemmler's Lean Ground Beef$4.49 per lb..


Burger-Beef & Pork Stemmler's

Stemmler's Beef & Pork Burgers12 x 4 oz..


Burger-Beef Stemmler's

Stemmler's Beef Burgers 12 x 4 oz Burger..


Burger-Roadhaus Stemmler's

Stemmler's Roadhaus Burgers12 x 6 oz..


Cabbage Rolls-16 pack (average weight 5lbs)

Cabbage Rolls16 Cabbage Rolls per tray (approx 5lb)$5.75 per lb (average tray weighs 5lbs)..


Cabbage Rolls-4 pack

Cabbage RollsPack of 4$6.25 per lb..