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Bone-In Lamb Leg Roast

Thatcher Farms bone-in lamb leg roast. 3.5-4 lbs...


Ground Lamb (1lb)

Edwards Family Organics - Ground Lamb (1lb)..


Lamb Loin Chops (0.5lb)

Edwards Family Organics - Lamb Loin Chops (0.5lb)Package of 2..


Lamb Shoulder Chops (0.5lb)

Edwards Family Organics - Lamb Shoulder Chops (0.5lb)Package of 2..


Lamb Stew

1 lb. of Thatcher Farms lamb stew...


Loin Chop

Thatcher Farms lamb loin chops. 4 pieces...


Medium Ground Lamb

1 lb. of Thatcher Farms medium ground lamb...


Mixed Lamb Box (10lb) 2-3 Days

Mixed Lamb Box (10lb)

This box offers the most tender, tasty lamb you will ever have!!! Enjoy a mixture of cuts from our t..