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Breaded Pork Loin Schnitzel (5 - 7 oz)

Tenderized pork loin, lightly seasoned, breaded.$2.75/Each..


Fresh Pork Chops (8 oz)

Bone in pork loin chops. (approx 8 oz) $2.50/Each..


Fresh Pork Sausage

All our sausages are gluten free and full of flavour.   Available in Oktoberfest..


Back Bacon

200 grams of Thatcher Farms back bacon..


Back Bacon (1lb)

Edwards Family Organics - Back Bacon (1lb)Sliced and naturally smoked...


Back Bacon - Cornmeal (1 lb)

Stemmler's own cornmeal back bacon, pre-sliced and ready to heat and serve! Great for home-made ..


Bacon (1lb Pack)

Fraberts Fresh Food - Bacon (1lb Pack)..


Bacon - Apple Cinnamon (1 lb)

Stemmler's own apple cinnamon smoked side bacon. Try on a sandwich with pear and brie!$7.99 per ..


Bacon - Double Smoked (1 lb)

Stemmler's own double smoked side bacon. Makes a great BLT!$7.99 per lb..


Bacon - Montreal Smoked (1 lb)

Stemmler's own Montreal smoked side bacon. Try wrapping around fresh scallops for a wonderful ap..


Bacon - Pepper Smoked (1 lb)

Try Stemmler's own pepper smoked side bacon for that perfect peppery finish.$7.99 per lb..


Beef & Pork Sliced Summer Sausage

Thatcher Farms beef sliced summer sausage. 20 pieces...


Bone in Plain Pork Chops Coming Soon

Bone in Plain Pork Chops

Edwards Family Organics - Bone in Plain Pork ChopsPackage of 2.Select 1lb or 1.5lb...


Bone In Smoked Chops (1lb)

The ultimate addition to any grilling session, our Bone-in Smoked Chops rival any premium steak in t..


Bone in Smoked Pork Chops

Edwards Family Organics - Bone in Smoked Pork ChopsPackage of 2, naturally smoked.Select 1lb or..