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    Frozen when fresh. 2-3+ pieces per bag. $5/bag. Priced per bag. ..
    100% lean Water Buffalo. Lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than ground beef. Can be substituted for beef in any recipe. Priced per pound...
    Smoked on the farm when the bones are fresh. Priced per piece...
    Perfect for the smoker or slow cooker. Vacuum packed. Average size 1.75-2.50 lbs.$11.00/LB...
    Available in Honey Garlic, Mild Italian, Plain, Cheddar Jalapeno. Priced per pound.Honey Garlic - Made with real honey. Made without gluten. No fillers, no other meats. 4 sausages per package. Definitely a kid favourite.Mild Italian - Mild flavour. Great with pasta or on their own. No fillers, no ot..
    Made without gluten and fillers. 100% water buffalo meat. Shelf stable, only needing refrigeration after opening. Great for hiking and camping. Kids love them on their lunch.Available in Mild, Hot & Honey Garlic..
    100% lean Water Buffalo. Low in fat, calories and cholesterol. Quick and easy to prepare (water buffalo cooks about 1/3 faster than beef). Priced per pound.  ..
    100% locally raised water buffalo. Sometimes called a New York steak. Great for the BBQ, fry pan or oven. Leaner, lower in fat, calories and cholesterol than beef. Be sure not to over cook - will cook about 1/3 faster than a beef striploin. Enjoy it rare, med-rare, med, med-well or well done. 2 stea..
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