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    Martin's Family Fruit Farm

    Martin's Family Fruit Farm



    We hold our apples to a Higher Standard so that you can too.



    At Martin’s Family Fruit Farm, we believe in the wholesome, nourishing goodness of apples fresh from the orchard. And we understand that the finest fruit comes from the ideal environment you’ll find here at the Martin’s Farm -- nutrient-rich soil, hardy trees, proper pollination and sunny orchards. In fact, the Ontario climate and growing conditions have helped to rank Martin’s Apples as some of the best apples anywhere in the world.


    We hold our apples to a higher standard of quality and freshness. Because we’re both a grower and a packer with facilities on-site at the orchard, our ripe apples are picked and stored much faster than other apple growers. That means you can always count on the fresh-picked deliciousness of Martin’s apples.


    The Martin Family invites you to visit our Orchard Market.


    Sink Your Teeth into a Martin's Apple Today!




    Martin's Orchard Market

    At home on our orchard, the quaint and cheerful Martin’s Orchard Market brings you the best of our orchard-fresh Ontario’s apples, a wealth of fresh fruit and vegetables in season -- and so much more.  You’ll find fresh-pressed apple cider, old-fashioned jellies and jams, the area’s finest maple syrup plus more!

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