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    Wilhelm's Provisions

    Wilhelm's Provisions

    Small batch for big appetites.

    Garnering its name from two generations of local purveyors, Wilhelm's Provisions uses only the finest ingredients when handcrafting its diverse collection of unique small batch provisions that are perfect for any pantry.

    Prouldy handcrafted in the KW region. 





    Recently Published Products

    Model: Wilhelm's Provisions Sweet Heat Marinade
    A sophisticated balance of sake, soy and habanero infuse this marinade with sweet and spicy notes sure to heighten the flavour profile of your dish. Use our Sweet Heat Marinade to prepare a Korean-inspired stir-fry, or try it as a marinade for pork, beef or chicken...
    Wilhelm's Provisions Strawberry Jam
    Out Of Stock
    Model: Wilhelm's Provisions Strawberry Jam
    This classic jam is bursting with the sweet flavour of Ontario strawberries. Your PB&J will never be the same...
    Model: Wilhelm's Provisions Raspberry Jam
    This delectable jam is brimming with raspberries straight from British Columbia. Spoon it on to some ice cream or use it as a filling in homemade baked goods...
    Model: Wilhelm's Provisions Peach Jam
    Filled with the summer taste of Niagara peaches, this jam has a sophisticated flavour perfect for your next cheese board or dolloped on to your morning oatmeal...
    Model: Wilhelm's Provisions Curry Ketchup
    This time-tested European condiment is a delicate mixture of all-natural spices, providing a mild curry flavour perfect for fries and burgers. A versatile sauce, our Curry Ketchup is also a great compliment to chicken, pork, eggs, and casseroles...

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